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19b, Ideojo Street, Off Adeola Odeku Street, Lagos, Nigeria




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    4.0 rating based on 1 rating
    Aug 2013 · Grant Martin

    Sushi can be difficult to find in the middle of Africa, but if you want the closest thing to perfection...

    Sushi can be difficult to find in the middle of Africa, but if you want the closest thing to perfection try Izanagi. A sister restaurant to Piccolo Mondo (they’re in the same building and have the same owners), Izanagi produces a variety of Japanese and pan-Asian dishes.

    The dining room here is fairly small, with space for maybe 40-50 diners on dark wood floors and nicely upholstered furniture. There are also two private rooms where diners can eat in traditional Japanese style. You’ll need to call ahead for these, as they can book up quite quickly. Up at the bar there is space for a half dozen diners and a traditional sushi chef hard at work. The day I stopped by, the two Filipino chefs were extremely friendly and efficient.

    Sushi and sashimi here can cost between N 1300 and N 2500 for three pieces and there’s a pretty good selection of rolls with crab, salmon and tuna. The vegetarian roll that I picked up for N 1300 was decent, while I’m told the spicy salmon is quite delectable. Additionally, the pan fried udon noodles with shredded beef and peppers was also excellent.

    Like its downstairs neighbor Piccolo Mondo, Izanagi also moonlights as a dance club. There’s a narrow bar across from the sushi bar that serves standard beer and mixed drinks and the tables eventually clear to form a dance floor. Styles of music vary; the Thursday night in which I passed through was scheduled for salsa dancing. Others have hip hop and Afro-hip hop. If the music doesn’t suit your style you can always go downstairs to the perennially popular Piccolo Mondo.
    Make sure you also bring a chip based credit card or cash – though the restaurant group will take an international credit card, you may have to walk down to the neighboring hotel to make your transaction.

    You can find Izanagi by looking for the pink facade off of Idejo Street. The building is well-marked and easy to find.

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