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ahamadu bello way,victoria island, Lagos, Nigeria




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    Aug 2013 · Grant Martin

    For a lunch option that's the intersection of authentic Nigerian food and budget travel, try Goddy's Restaurant and Bar along...

    For a lunch option that’s the intersection of authentic Nigerian food and budget travel, try Goddy’s Restaurant and Bar along the Eko-Atlantic project.

    Behind a corrugated wall and in the shadow of a neighboring multi-story building, Goddy’s may not look attractive, but the restaurant is actually quite endearing. The venue has been separated out into a half-dozen brightly colored and separated “cabins.” Arriving through the front gate, the kitchen, food counter and cash register are at the left. Here you can pick up a range of extremely authentic Nigerian food including pounded yam, egusi soup, and a variety of meats covered in chili, palm and peanut spices. Two entrées, rice, soup, pounded yams and drinks cost us only N 4000.

    After payment, diners can take their food to one of several other cabins to complete their meal. Wait staff will come around with bows of utensils and water to wash up. Many in the restaurant will eat with their hands, and if you choose to do the same, soap and another round of water will be brought out at the end of the meal to wash again.

    I ordered goat covered with chili sauce on top of rice, and though parts of it were tough, the parts that I was actually supposed to eat were very good.

    Goddy’s is located on the south side of Victoria Island on Ahmadu Bello Way. Though it has no official address, you can get there by going to the Best Western Island hotel and walking east for a few hundred feet. The restaurant is just west of the corner of Ahmadu Bello Way and Akin Adesola St on the north side of the road.

    Goddy’s is very popular with workers from the Eko-Atlantic project, the neighboring office building and the locals who hang out on Bar Beach. Expect to be one of the only foreigners visiting this spot.

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