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20, Station Road, Rondebosch, Cape Town Central, South Africa



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    4.0 rating based on 1 rating
    Nov 2014 · morgantrimble

    Cargill’s? The old idiom “you can’t get there from here” applies. I found Cargill’s, with the help of GPS, on...

    Cargill’s? The old idiom “you can’t get there from here” applies. I found Cargill’s, with the help of GPS, on a circuitous path crossing over the railroad tracks in Rondebosch on the back side of Table Mountain.

    It’s a hidden little spot frequented and beloved by in-the-know locals of Cape Town’s southern suburbs. And when I say “little spot”, I do mean little. The entire restaurant is one room with seven tables. But its small size means personalized service, and within minutes of arriving, the chef and owner Joszka was out chatting and joking with me in between serving guests, bussing tables, and, presumably, also preparing the meals! He greeted guests at several tables by name, and informed me that repeat customers make up the bulk of his business.

    The theme of the restaurant is French, and the menu is quite traditional. It’s also relatively short with five options each for first course, main course, and dessert. I opted for the exotic mushroom in sherry and rosemary cream sauce starter, which was good and a large portion. I was, however, jealous of the scallops served to the next table! A complimentary sorbet palate cleanser between courses was a nice touch. For mains, the server recommended the sole, pork belly, or duck confit, and I opted for the latter. It was a nice portion of two duck thighs and drumsticks with crispy roast skin in an orange honey sauce. A complimentary chocolate truffle was a nice end to the meal.

    Cargill’s offers solid food in the French tradition. It’s as fine a dining experience as you’ll find in the neighborhood, primarily a student residential area for University of Cape Town. While it’s lacking in atmosphere due to the small space, Cargill’s redeems itself with personalized service. Give it a go if you’re staying in the area—I’d recommend a booking though.

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