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    3.0 rating based on 1 rating
    Aug 2014 · Starrene Rhett-Rocque

    I had high hopes for Coconut Grove Beach Resort. My guide raved about it, saying that this would probably be...

    I had high hopes for Coconut Grove Beach Resort. My guide raved about it, saying that this would probably be one of my favorite hotel stays during my entire two-week jaunt around Ghana. I had also read that it was a top choice for travelers, including diplomats and royalty.  However, it wasn’t exactly everything I had hoped it would be. It wasn’t a terrible stay, but an unfortunate experience with unwanted critters in my room left a bad impression.

    The positive is that Coconut Grove Beach Resort is a good base for tourists who have an interest in exploring Elmina and the surrounding coastal area. The closest attractions are Elmina Castle and Fort St. Jago, while the Java Museum and University of Cape Coast aren’t very far either.

    The hotel’s actual grounds are beautiful. It’s a lush verdant, well-manicured, self-contained world unto itself that feels like its own attraction. The resort offers a variety of rooms, a pool, ball court, nine-hole golf course, horseback riding, dining that overlooks the ocean, barbecues on the beach, a crocodile pond, and an onsite mini-zoo. The zoo sounds more elaborate than it actually is. Adults will be bored but children will most likely be delighted to see Mona monkeys enjoying fruit, peacocks and a couple of other species of local birds.

    Amenities include a/c (which was so loud that I opted for the fan), decent wi-fi, laundry service and claims of 24-hour room service. I didn’t order room service because the phone in my room didn’t work, so I can’t verify whether this is true or not.

    The rooms, although cozy and clean, are in need of some sprucing up.  The bed sheets and design felt dingy and more like sleeping over at a friend’s house than hiding away in a coconut grove, which is where the hotel is literally situated. The piping is iffy, which leads me to my unfortunate experience. For some reason, multiple water bugs, the creature I am most terrified of on this Earth, crawled out of my bathroom sink. Without a working phone, and because my room was far from the front desk, I was left to fend for myself. I stuffed the holes in the sink with wads of tissue and tried to get some sleep but ended up staying awake the entire night.

    Coconut Grove isn’t a terrible place, but I stayed here after experiencing the superior Elmina Bay Resort, which I’d actually recommend first for those staying in the central coastal region.

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