Photo Essay: A Journey Through Namibia’s Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park doesn’t have the look of your typical safari journey you might be used to seeing in Kenya or Tanzania. The park features a salt pan that is so gigantic you can see it from outer space, along with other exotic landscapes not often found in Africa. It’s also teeming with wildlife despite the somewhat desolate looking conditions. If you’ve never been, or just want to remember what you saw when you were there, get ready to go on a photographic journey that shows off the beauty of Namibia’s Etosha National Park.



Giraffes stand and watch across the colored landscape

Springbok for as far as the eye can see

black rhino etosha


An endangered black rhino gets up after rolling around in the mud

etosha park

Courtesy of Joachim Huber/

One of the park’s smaller creatures, the colorful guineafowl

gemsbok etosha

Courtesy of gaftels / flickr

Gemsbok have a not so friendly battle

rhino road etosha


Hey, I can use this road too!

lions etosha


Lions take a break by the watering hole after a bloody hunt

baby elephant etosha


A baby elephant attempts to charge

termite hill sand etosha


The termites have made a giant hill out of the white sand

zebra etosha


Zebra come to the watering hole to drink, but stay far away from any lions

etosha space nasa

Courtesy of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center / flickr

A crazy view from outer space showing where the salt pan starts

cheetah etosha


This female cheetah was easily…spotted

jackal vulture etosha

Courtesy of Pim Stouten / flickr

A jackal fends off a meal against a group of vultures

acacia etosha


A lone acacia tree in the Etosha Pan

sunset acacia etosha

Courtesy of Julien Lagarde / flickr

But it looks much better at sunset

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