Eating Out In Egypt: The Best Restaurants In Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh has been a popular getaway destination for decades. Far away from the pyramids and Cairo, the Red Sea town positions itself as a fun-in-the-sun tourist destination with dozens of resorts, boutique hotels, stylish shops and white-sand beaches. And of course a visitor has to eat, so it should come as no surprise that there are numerous fantastic eateries. Here are our picks for the best restaurants in Sharm El Sheikh.

The Blue Fountain

blue fountain

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Formerly known as Palazzo, this restaurant is one of the most delectable in the city and specializes in a mix of British, French and Mediterranean fare, with a few items like curry and burgers thrown in for good measure. With its wide menu, it’s the perfect place to go with a large group to satisfy everybody’s appetite. No matter if you order fish and chips or carpaccio, the dishes are served with care and tastefully plated. At night, Egyptian music kicks in, and the staff invites guests to dance around the outdoor terrace with them.


Casa Mia

casa mia

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Casa Mia has a prime spot in the Sultan Gardens Resort Sharm el-Sheikh and serves up some of the finest Italian beef fillet steaks that money can buy. But there’s no need to stay at the resort in order to enjoy great Italian fare, of which the restaurant is a standout in a city chock full of Italian restaurants. The star of the show here might be the antipasto buffet which offers plenty of gourmet meats, cheeses, marinated vegetables and olives. Of course, the gourmet pizza and pasta choices like Penne Al Arrabbiata here are also excellent. Inside, the decor borrows from traditional Italian elements and guests will be momentarily transported to Italy while dining. Guests can also enjoy a fantastic view of the onsite waterfall and the sea.



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Located inside the Four Seasons hotel, this restaurant puts Egyptian, Lebanese and Moroccan cuisine head to head for a tremendous culinary fusion. The restaurant overlooks the bay and is one of the best spots to sip some wine while watching the sunset. The decor is distinctly Mediterranean-meets-Middle Eastern decor with wood and brass accents all around the restaurant. The best items on the menu are the Middle Eastern mezzeh and Moroccan tagines, though just about everything is superb. Once a week, the restaurant offers an Arabian market buffet where guests can experience the flavors of a traditional souk.

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