A Photo Safari Through Hwange National Park

Hwange National Park is one of the 10 largest parks in Africa and is easily one of the top safari experiences you can do. It’s home to all the big cats, over 40,000 elephants, and over 100 species of other animals. If you haven’t made it to Hwange yet, this photo safari should entice you to go.

hwange leopard


All of the African big cats including the African leopard make their home in Hwange


Courtesy of Michael Sprague / flickr

And iconic acacia trees are a common site throughout, too

crowned crane


Where you’re likely to see crowned cranes showing off¬†their beautiful display of feathers

Photo Of The Day: Elephants In Hwange National Park

Photo courtesy of Becca Blond

It’s also¬†home to one of the largest populations of elephants in Africa at around 40,000


Courtesy of Mike/Flickr.com

And to over 400 bird species, including these ostriches

hwange national park

Animals in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe (Shutterstock)

Most of the time animals get along peacefully

croc attack


But sometimes things get a little crazy



There are endless roads throughout the park to follow

hwange lions


And sometimes they lead to this

Photo Of The Day: Sunset In Hwange

Photo by Jason Wharam / Flickr

But wherever the roads take you, you’ll likely get a jaw-dropping sunset

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This article was originally published on June 29, 2015.

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