Photo Essay: The Incredible Sights Of Mali

With its relatively isolated location, Mali doesn’t often make the cut on many tourist’s travel itineraries. But that wasn’t always the case — the country flourished for centuries when it was a prime thoroughfare for trade across Africa. It’s also filled with incredible landscapes, historic cities, and diverse ethnic groups, including the Dogon, Fulani and Tuareg. If you haven’t been able to make it to Mali, this fantastic photo journey will take you around some of the best sights of the country.

mud mosque djenne


One of the world’s best architectural wonders, the Great Mosque of Djenn√©

tuareg nomad


A Tuareg nomad wandering the streets of Timbuktu

sahelian ram


One of the country’s unique animals, the Sahelian ram

Wooden ferry on the Niger River near Timbuktu, Mali (Shutterstock)


A wooden ferry crosses the Niger River at sunset near Timbuktu

A Dogon village in Mali (Shutterstock)


The unusual shapes of a traditional Dogon village

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