Do Not Try This In Cape Town

A daredevil from Italy recently climbed Cape Town’s Lion’s Head Mountain and performed a jump you should never try.

After reaching the top, the 24-year-old Italian, Alessio Bariviera leaped into the air at the summit to create a death-defying photograph.

One wrong move or large gust of wind could have easily led to a fall to his death.

“If I had lost my footing at all then I would have died immediately which should be scary but it isn’t,” said Alessio to Express.

The daredevil has done many similar jumps around the world and doesn’t think it was that big of a deal — he could have fooled us.

“To me it’s a massive thrill. My friend was so scared for me but I have done so many things that this was nothing to me,” said Alessio.

The summit at Lion’s Head is 2,000 feet high, taller than the Empire State building and the new World Trade Center.

Lion’s Head is part of Table Mountain National Park, one of the leading tourist attractions in Africa.

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