Travel Tip Of The Day: How To Stay In Western Cape On a Budget

South Africa’s Western Cape is quickly moving up the global tourism charts and that means costs are slowly but surely going up.

And with places like Cape Town, wine country, and natural wonders in every direction, it’s no wonder tourists keep coming.

But that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank, as there are several budget alternatives to expensive hotels.

The province has a large number of campsites in incredible locations to choose from – such as the Beach Camp, which is right on the sand at Cape Columbine Nature Reserve in Paternoster, and River Goose Campsite, on the banks of the Breede River.

And while you could pay well over $100 for hotels, many of these places charge less than US$5 a night.

For something more off the beaten path, try Enjo Nature Farm, which has three-sleeper cottages for just US$35 a night.

There are also self-catering cottages found on farms which are priced from as low as $20 a night spread throughout the province.

If you don’t know what self-catering is, it usually means a place with a kitchen, consisting of a fridge, stove, pots, pans, and cutlery, and possibly a braai (outdoor barbecue/griller).

They offer a great value for the money, especially if you’re traveling in a family or group.

Travelers heading to the Overberg will find plenty of fantastic and budget conscious places to stay, such as Bed Lemon Cottage, which is surrounded by scenic vistas and only costs $23 a night.

And although there are budget hotels here and there in Cape Town, the absolute cheapest option for now is probably Airbnb.

You can usually find somebody willing to put you up for a few nights for cheap.

And if you want some more people to hang out on your journey, the Backpack is also super cheap and is rated as one of the best hostels in Africa.

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