Travel Tip Of The Day: How To Pack Light

When packing for a trip, it’s easy to get caught up in packing for every possible scenario you might encounter.

We always think we need those specialized shoes, extra pair of jeans, and all our favorite shirts we may or may not wear.

But if you think back to your last few vacations, you’ll probably realize you didn’t use most of the stuff you packed.

Here are some tips on packing light while traveling in Africa.

The first thing you should do is ditch the extra bag if you have one, and consider downsizing the remaining one you have to a carry-on size if it’s too big.

Next, take out everything you might think you need on the trip and lay it out, then one by one start eliminating things down to the essentials.

Try to pick a similar color palette and mix and match several items, you can of course wear items like jeans more than once, and with almost everything.

Wool is another great fabric that you can wear more than once without needing to wash.

Shoes are one of the bulkiest items you can possibly pack, so pick an all-purpose pair that is fashionable enough to get you in a decent restaurant, yet comfortable enough for walking around all day.

Also bear in mind, most hotels have next day laundry service for a fair price so there really is no need to bring that much.

You can also always pick up a small bottle of detergent and hand wash a few items then hang dry them — use the hotel blow dryer to speed the process up if necessary.

For toiletries, it goes without saying you don’t need that giant tube of toothpaste or shampoo bottle — make sure to get miniatures and plan to use what your hotel offers, too.

Africa specific items like sunscreen and mosquito repellent can also be picked up in travel size packs, and if you can’t find them, just get some some empty travel bottles and fill them up.


When ready to pack, put in your biggest and most essential items first, then roll your clothes instead of folding, or consider buying a vacuum pack that will compress your clothes.

Light items like a mosquito net or poncho can easily go on top.

If you really need more things, just plan a shopping adventure where you are going and pick up a few things while there.

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