Travel Tip Of The Day: Unglue Yourself From Your Phone

We all know that cellular (mobile) phones are an indispensible part of traveling in the 21st century, but there are times that they can be a burden rather than an asset.

Example 1: That guy on the tour bus (or safari vehicle) who just can’t stop taking pictures.

Of course it’s expected that you’ll want photos from your trip, but if the only way you’re seeing the sights (or animals, or locals) is through the screen of your phone, maybe you should put it down and, you know, actually see the sights with your own eyes? Plus, you may miss something incredible while you’re busily posting pics to Instagram. #missedopportunity

Example 2: The girl who got robbed because she wasn’t paying attention.

We at AFKTravel personally know several people who’ve been robbed of their phones (and other valuables) in broad daylight in Africa because they were doing what so many of us normally do: staring at a screen while we’re out and about. Whether you’re looking at a map app, or texting your friends back home about how great the city is, you’re actually making yourself vulnerable, because in that moment you’re not aware of your surroundings. All it takes is a split second for someone to run up, grab your phone, and run off.

We’re all aware that we should never wear expensive jewelry or flash wads on cash when we’re on the street, but having a phone out when you’re wandering around is tantamount to the same thing: it’s an expensive gadget that many thieves covet, the same as jewelry and cash. So keep it tucked away until you’re in a restaurant, taxi, or hotel, because when you’re out and about, your attention should be on your surroundings.

The moral of the story: Phones are a great tool to make travel easier and better, but there’s a time and a place for them.

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