Travel Tip Of The Day: How Much To Tip In Tanzania

Like many countries in Africa, Tanzania is relatively cheap by world standards, and a lot of people rely on tipping from tourism to get by.

And it’s definitely a big deal because it brings money to many of the service workers.

So before you go, you should know how much to tip in Tanzania.

In cities

Tipping in USD is generally not a problem throughout most areas of Tanzania, though shillings will of course also work.

The current rate for Tanzanian shillings to dollars is around 2000 shillings to $1USD.

In most major hotel chains, you should plan on tipping the same as you would in your home country (US$2 dollars for baggage is about the going rate).

A few dollars a night in the hotel room will also ensure everything is taken care of properly.


A tip is not expected in restaurants, though anything from 5-10% will be greatly appreciated if you happened to receive good service.

When you take a ride in a taxi, a tip is also not expected, but if you liked the trip, give a good tip and the driver can help you get around the city for the day as your on call driver — a helpful thing to have if you are waiting around at a restaurant.

Sometimes the hotel will have a communal box for tips so it is evenly distributed among staff.


If you are going out on a safari (which many tourists do), the tipping rates vary depending on what type of safari you are on and who is helping you.

When you are getting from your hotel, baggage handlers and waiters should get around US$1-2 depending on the amount of service they provided – tipping in USD is generally not a problem.

For a drive or guide, it’s normal to tip around US$7-10 dollars per person in the vehicle per day.

If you have a chef cook you food, plan on tipping from US$5-8 dollars per day.

And if you are on a more luxurious safari, $15-20 per person should be given to any extra staff that helped you along the way.

Mountain Climbing

Another big activity that many take on in Tanzania is climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro or Mt. Meru.

If you happen to go, the head guide should get around $100-150 for the trip, the assistant should receive around $70-80, any chef should get about $50-60, and extra porters should get around $25-30.

There is no need to tip everyday, just give a lump sum at the end of your journey.


For those staying on one of the country’s beaches, you’ll notice many of the resorts have staff, waiters and cooks that provide you with service.

It’s normal to tip around US$5 a day for anybody who assisted you while you were lounging around.

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