Travel Tip Of The Day: How To Go Surfing In Senegal

From Morocco to Namibia, the western coast of Africa has plenty of great places to surf, and Senegal is no exception.

The country features consistent waves without crowds of tourists you might find in other areas, and is a hop, skip and a jump from several destinations in Europe — it’s certainly much easier than flying out to California or Australia.

Another great thing about Senegal is there has never been a recorded shark attack on a surfer.

For those up for surfing in Senegal, there are several places and ways to do it.

The Almadies portion of the Cap-Vert Peninsula has 260 degrees worth of waves in the gorgeous area.

It also has one of the best swell windows in the world, with well-placed reefs that allow for perfect point breaks.

More experience surfers can try their luck at N’gor Island, just 500 meters off the coast of Dakar.


The righthander there is Senegal’s most famous wave, and N’Gor was featured in the movie Endless Summer and remains one of the best surfing spots in the world.

There is also a nice left from time to time, and offers a smooth ride just about all the way to the shore.

If you’re new to surfing or just want to brush up on your skills in the area, you can go to N’Gor Island Surf Camp.

They have local guides that will take you to over 20 spots in the area.

The area itself is charming, not overly crowded, and is known as an affordable spot for  surfers on a budget.

Another great outfitter to go with is the Secret Bay Longboard House & Surf School.

It’s just 70km south of Dakar, and pretty easy to get in an out of.

Other cool spots around the country to check out include Ouakam, Vivier and Yoff Beach.

Visas to Senegal are only 50 EUR/ 55 USD and are available on arrival, but you can also get them in advance at Visa Senegal.

Be advised that Senegal is an at risk country for malaria, so if you are hanging out at the beach all day, you will want to get some malaria tablets before you go.

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