Travel Tip Of The Day: How To Eat Ugali

If you’re doing any traveling through Kenya, Uganda or Tanzania, you’re bound to run into ugali at the local restaurants.

Ugali is a traditional staple made by boiling maize flour in water until it comes to a thickened consistency.

It’s then rolled into a big lump and served on your plate.

And if you’re served ugali in a restaurant, ¬†you might be wondering what you should do with it, as it generally isn’t served with any utensils.

The taste is fairly neutral — that’s because it’s more of a filler food and made to be a nice accompaniment for a stew or other savory dish.

To start using the ugali, just pinch off a piece of the top with your fingers.

Just be careful when you grab it, as it comes out of a pot of boiling water and is served super hot.

After getting a piece, you have to work it a bit in your fingers to make a small ball of dough about the size of a golf ball.

Once you have the ball, make a small indention in the middle with your thumb like you are forming a big spoon.

Next, just dip it into whatever sauce or stew is nearby.

The texture of the ugali should easily soak up any liquid substance you happen to have on your plate.

Ugali is also used to pick up anything else on your plate, from fish, to beans, greens, and potatoes.

You name it, and you should use the ugali to eat it.

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