A Culinary Tour Of The Rabat Medina

Filled with traditional shops and lively markets, the Rabat Medina is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must see for any tourist. One of the best things about the Medina is all the great food you can buy and sample inside. While it doesn’t have some of the gourmet items of Fes and Marrakech, it’s still worth exploring and the food is usually cheaper. So sit back and get ready to go on a culinary tour of the Rabat Medina.

rabat cafe 2

Photo by Joe Kennedy


Small cafes line the surrounding walls and outer ring of the Medina making it an easy place to get a bite to eat.

Rabat patisserie

Photo by Joe Kennedy


There are also plenty of patisseries full of great treats and smiling faces.

rabat dates

Photo by Joe Kennedy

Delicious Dates

Morocco has some of the best dates in the world and there are several vendors within the Medina where you can pick them up for cheap.

Rabat nuts

Photo by Joe Kennedy


Nothing goes better with dates than nuts made with honey and packed together into large blocks. You can buy the whole blocks or get them broken into pieces. Samples are usually free.

fruit rabat

Photo by Joe Kennedy

Fresh Fruit

Oranges, bananas, mangoes and other fruit from around Africa are available all over the place and at great prices, especially in bulk.

coconut cart

Photo by Joe Kennedy

Coconut Carts

Coconut carts are pushed through the streets of the Medina and are it’s only a few dirhams for a quick snack. 

rabat sugarcane

Photo by Joe Kennedy

Sugarcane and Snails

Neither are things you expect to find in a typical grocery store, but you can buy fresh snails to eat while vendors grind up sugarcane drinks for you on the spot in the Medina.

rabat chocolate

Photo by Joe Kennedy


Fresh chocolate is available in several places to get your fix.

Olives Rabat

Photo by Joe Kennedy


Spain, Italy and Greece can all make a claim for great olives, but it’s hard to beat the quality and variety you can find in Morocco, where olives are in abundance everywhere.

Rabat grains

Photo by Joe Kennedy

Grains and Legumes

Forget the bulk bins at your local Whole Foods, they have nothing on the variety or prices in the Rabat Medina.

Rabat Kebabs

Photo by Joe Kennedy


Meat lovers rejoice, you can get some of the best kebabs in the world in the Rabat Medina, made fresh on the spit everyday.

Rabat food

Photo by Joe Kennedy

Animal Heads

We didn’t forget the bizarre food lover. There is quite a large selection of food you can’t find elsewhere, such as meat right off the bone of these animal heads.

rabat fresh juice

Photo by Joe Kennedy

Fresh Juice

And of course after you try it, you need something to wash it down with. Just step over to one of the many fresh juice stands around the Medina.

Rabat delicacies

Photo by Joe Kennedy

Local delicacies

Wherever you step, there is sure to be tons of food you’ve never seen before.

Rabat bread carts

Photo by Joe Kennedy

Plenty of fresh bread

Bread is served with almost every meal in Morocco, so it’s only natural that the Medina is full of colorful vendors selling their freshest goods.

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