Travel Tip Of The Day: Taking The Vic Falls Tram

If you don’t want to walk the admittedly short distances around the town of Victoria Falls, there’s a cute historic tram that plies a route between the train station and the Vic Falls bridge.

Victoria Falls Rain

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The open-sided train is a replica of an 1890s original, and transports passengers twice a day on one-hour trips from the town center, through the rainforest, to the middle of Victoria Falls Bridge. It is operated by the Victoria Falls Steam Train Company.

The morning departure leaves at 10am and returns at approximately 12:30pm. The evening departure leaves at 17:00 and returns at 18:45, which means it’s perfect for a sunset view of the falls and sundowners at the Bridge Cafe or Rainforest Restaurant.

Trips include a guided walk under the bridge with commentary and trivia about the history of the falls and the bridge. You can also watch the bungee jumpers and bridge swingers in action (these activities are not included in the price but can be added on).

All tours assemble at the historic, 108-year-old Victoria Falls Hotel. The price is $US65 per person.

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