Photo Essay: A Tour Of The Zambezi River

The Zambezi River, the fourth largest river in Africa, is one of the most popular because of its stunning beauty. But for centuries, the only people who got a view of it were locals and early explorers; however now it’s pretty easy for anyone to book a trip and see it for themselves. Here is a photo essay of the incredible sights you can expect┬áto see along the Zambezi River.

lower zambezi in the national park in zambia

(Someone35/Wikimedia Commons)

Local Villagers

The Zambezi River is an important provider of resources and local villagers have thrived along its banks for centuries.

Zambezi River near Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe (Shutterstock)

Zambezi River near Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe (Shutterstock)


The sheer power of the Zambezi River has carved out deep gorges around Victoria Falls over the centuries.

victoria falls

Courtesy of Jule Lumma/

Victoria Falls

The magnificence of Victoria Falls needs no introduction, but is just another part of the gorgeous sites along the Zambezi.

rainbows vic falls

Courtesy of Harvey Barrison / flickr


And if you’re anywhere near the falls, you can often see vivid rainbows created by the towering mist.

Zambezi River


The Long Banks

The banks of the Zambezi stretch for hundreds of miles and aren’t always the easiest to maneuver.


Courtesy of Josh Friedman / flickr


And if you’re hanging out by the banks, you have to be cautious of hippos. Like the one peeking out above, they might see you before you see them.



Nile Crocodiles

You’ll also find these guys. Although they are called Nile Crocodiles, they actually thrive throughout Africa, including the Zambezi River.

Animal sightings on the Zambezi / Rishav Nair

Animal sightings on the Zambezi / Rishav Nair


Elephants are a common site along the Zambezi River and can be seen on the banks or cooling off in the water.

lions zambezi



While not as common as elephant sightings, prides of lions are known to gather along the banks looking for prey.

waterbuck on zambezi river



Lions wouldn’t be there without plentiful game to prowl on like these waterbuck.

Tiger Fishing

Courtesy of Trapper Rudd / YouTube


Just below the waters of the Zambezi, you’ll find these sharp-toothed fish that are sure to scare the pants off of you.

zambezi cruise


Zambezi Cruise

But if you don’t want to get up close with the wildlife, you can just cruise down the river out of harms way.

white water rafting zambezi

Courtesy of Jonathan / Flickr

White Water Rafting

The river is also a great place for epic white water rafting adventures.

dr livingstone monument zambezi


Dr. Livingstone Monument

A statue along the river commemorates the early explorer Dr. Livingstone who mapped out the area.

Zambezi River at Sunset / Rishav Nair

Zambezi River at Sunset / Rishav Nair

The Sunsets

And you can end any day out on the Zambezi River with a beautiful sunset like the one above.

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