Travel Tip Of The Day: Where To Go Off-Roading In Namibia

Namibia is one of the favorite destinations for off-road enthusiasts and adventure travelers in Africa.

Whether it’s driving a 4×4 over a sand dune or cruising through the Kalahari, Namibia has a landscape for just about every adventure.

If it’s your first time going off roading, one of the best beginner courses is the Isabis 4×4 trail.

Located near the Gaub River, this trail is one of the most scenic in Namibia and gives great views of the mountains in the area.

For a desert adventure, there’s no better place than the Kalahari-Namib Eco 4×4 route.

A tour through the area can last up to 10 days and spans some of the most otherworldly deserts in the world.

If you want to ascend some of the most prolific sand dunes in the world, check out the Topnaar 4×4 trail, offered by Kuiseb Delta Adventures.

The adventure takes you from Luderitz to climb up gigantic sand dunes, then heads to the Namibian Skeleton Coast where you can see some eerie shipwrecks.

And if you want a bit of history with your adventure, head to the 250 kilometer Messum Crater 4×4 trail.

The trail goes through Cape Cross and Lagunen Mountain, meanders along the coast for awhile, then ends up at Messum Crater.

At the crater, guests can view ancient rock paintings and historic sites left by the Damara nomadic tribes in the area.

No matter which trail you go on, you’re in for a scenic treat in a landscape like no other.

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