Travel Tip Of The Day: Where To Go Bird Watching In Egypt

Egypt is well-known for its history, antiquities and famous mosques and monuments, but it’s also a great place to go bird watching.

Over 470 species of birds have been spotted in Egypt, many of these migrating between Africa, Europe and Asia during the winter.

Fortunately for travelers, some of the better places to go bird watching in Egypt are around significant tourist sites.

Even if you’re just staying around Cairo, there are many bird watching opportunities on the Nile River.

The most common birds in the area include cattle egrets, sunbirds, painted snipe, kingfishers and Egyptian nightjars.

Aswan is another touristy spot that offers fantastic bird watching.

You can catch a ride on a felucca (commonly part of itineraries) down the Nile around Aswan and view many migratory birds in the area, including the green heron and Egyptian goose.

There are also plenty of birds around Abu Simbel, the location of many of Egypt’s iconic temples.

Birders can find storks, skimmers, wagtails and pink-backed pelicans in this area along the shores of Lake Nasser.

Outside of commonly visited tourist spots, there are some other great places as well.

Ain Sukhna is around an hour and a half from Cairo along the Red Sea coast and is an important place for migratory birds, especially during the spring migration.

Another great spot is Ras Muhammed, located at the southern tip of the Sinai peninsula just south of Sharm el-Sheikh.

It’s one of Egypt’s oldest protected areas and is a nesting ground for falcons, white storks, ospreys, and herons.

The best time to see birds are during the spring and autumn migrations when the diversity of birds is at its peak and the weather is warm.

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