Travel Tip Of The Day: When To Visit Victoria Falls

Known as the smoke that thunders, Victoria Falls is the largest waterfall in the world and one of the top places to visit in Africa.

And if you’re planning on visiting a site as spectacular as the falls, it’s important to know the best time to visit.

If you want to see the falls at its maximum capacity, it’s best to go between February and May, just after the summer rains.

The force of the water at this time is so strong that it drenches the surrounding areas in a fine mist — just be mindful you don’t get your electronics wet.

If you can’t get off during that time period to visit, the next best is in between June to August.

The water is still at a decent level, and there will be little to no rain, with warm days and cool nights.

The worst time to go if you want to see the falls at their maximum is late September through November, when the water level is low and the weather is extremely hot and humid.

And if you go during this time to the Zambia side, the falls may have even dried up completely.

The water flow on the Zimbabwe side is year round but gets stronger or weaker depending on the season.

The rainy season of December and January is simply a bit too rainy and misty around the falls to bother with most of the time, with average rainfall at 174mm during the peak in January.

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