Travel Tip Of The Day: Where To Go Bird Watching In Uganda

Uganda is one of the best places for bird watching in Africa, and over half of all the bird species on the continent call the country home.

No matter where you’re at, there’s bound to be a nearby place for you to go bird watching in Uganda.

One of the most scenic places to see birds is Murchison Falls National Park in the northwestern corner of the country.

This park is a treasure trove of birds, and astute observers can see over 450 species including the lesser flamingo, papyrus gonolek and the martial eagle — the scenery around the falls certainly doesn’t hurt.

Another great place to go is the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in the southwest of the country.

Most people go here to see the mountain gorillas, but birders are in for a delight as well.

Some of the rare birds at Bwindi include the Grauer’s swamp warbler, forest ground thrush, and the African green broadbill.

If you’re on the lookout for shoebill, head to the Mabamba Bay that runs along the shores of Lake Victoria.

Shoebills are huge, awkward looking birds that are so unique that scientists have considered giving them their own order.

If you’re in the western part of the country, head to Kibale National Park.

The park offers a guided forest walk where birders can see around 350 species of birds (six of them endemic to the region).

You’ll also find wild chimpanzees and 13 other species of primates here.

Other great places around the country include South Luangwa National Park, Echuya Forest, Budongo Forest, Mount Elgon, and anywhere along the Nile River.

Of course, you could simply stay in a hotel in Kampala and see more birds than most places.

And if you can’t decide where to go, why not go to pretty much every top spot in the country? offers a “Hardcore Birders’ Holiday” that includes 24 days in a row of birdwatching.

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