Travel Tip Of The Day: How To Protect Your Luggage From Theft

With all the recent reports of luggage theft, you might be wondering how you can avoid this unfortunate travel disappointment.

And while you can never be certain somebody won’t just run off with your luggage, there are some things you can do to help.

Here are some tips on how to protect your luggage from theft.

One of the best thing you can do is just not check in your luggage at all, as most valuables tend to go missing in checked luggage.

This usually requires you to fly on bigger airplanes and to try to pack light so you can fit your luggage in the overhead area.

Boarding the plane earlier can also ensure that you get a spot so you can put your luggage in an overhead compartment.

If you have to check your luggage, use a bag that has double zippers at all entry points that you can secure with a lock.

While this won’t stop the most overzealous criminals, it still makes a good deterrent.

When you are going through security, make sure you watch your bags at all times as they go in and out of the X-ray machine.

Once it’s out, pick your luggage up right away and don’t leave it idling at the end while you put your belt back on.

You can also skip out on having that fancy designer luggage.

Thieves target these kind of bags more frequently than cheap suitcases, often rightly assuming you have more expensive valuables inside.

And as for valuables, you should probably do without traveling with expensive items in general.

If you have something you just can’t part with, such as expensive jewelry or a new pair of shoes, consider not bringing it at all.

But if there is no way around not bringing them, keep them on you and definitely try not to put them in checked luggage.

Finally, once you’re outside of the airport, be mindful of where your luggage is at when checking in at hotel lobbies or getting out of a taxi cab.

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