Adorable Overload: Photos Of Lion Cubs, Just Because

Who doesn’t love baby animals? Well if you don’t, you’ll want to skip this slideshow, because it’s chock full of playful lion cubs from the Kalahari to the Masai Mara doing what they do best — being cute.

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Muddy cubs in the Kalahari desert, South Africa (Shutterstock)

Kenya To Turn Kora National Park Into Lion Sanctuary

Unhappy cubs at Madikwe Reserve, South Africa (Shutterstock)

Lion cubs at Casela Park, Mauritius (Shutterstock)

Lion cubs at Casela Park, Mauritius (Shutterstock)



mom and cubs

A mother and her cubs relaxing in the road (Shutterstock)

cub and dad growling

A black-maned male lion growls at his offspring (Shutterstock)

cubs in road

Cubs crossing the road (Shutterstock)

white lion cubs pumba

White lion cubs at Pumba Private Game Reserve, South Africa (Shutterstock)

mom carrying cub

Lioness mother carries her baby in Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya (Shutterstock)

male and cub nuzzling

Young male lion and cub, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania (Shutterstock)

lion cub on log

Lion cub on log in Masai Mara (Shutterstock)

Cubs in Namibia

Cubs in Namibia (Shutterstock)

lion cubs cuddling

Cute cubs cuddling (Shutterstock)

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