Why Ecuador Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

Ecuador is full of fun and adventure for travelers. From thrilling sports to cultural activities, the country offers a range of choices that accommodate any itinerary. Here are 15 reasons why Ecuador should be your next travel destination. 

Manta Beach

Manta Beach(Monserrate Carrillo/Wikimedia Commons)

1. Breathtaking Beaches

Beaches like Salinas, Manta, and Esmeraldas offer swimming as well as surfing. Resort villages also offer their own beach experiences. Be aware of rip currents that are particularly strong in the area.

White Water Rafting (Rob Chandler/Wikimedia Commons)

White Water Rafting (Rob Chandler/Wikimedia Commons)

2. Sensational White Water Rafting

Many rivers throughout the country offer rafting opportunities for travelers. Quito and Puyo are both top locations for travelers searching for a white water rapids adventure. Tour operators offer full packages that include a guide as well as all the gear needed during the trip.



3. Impressive Ziplines

The Amazon and various mountain ranges offer the perfect locations for ziplines. In most cases, walking trails connect directly to the course. Cables for all ages and skill levels make this an adrenaline rush for every guest.

Bicycles In Quito

Bicycles In Quito(Fernanda LeMarie/Cancillería del Ecuador/Flickr/Wikimedia Commons)

4. Captivating Cycling Routes

Both road and mountain bikes can be used in Ecuador. The terrain covers a wide range of locations including routes that take visitors along volcano ash roads. Cyclists can also try the crater lake known as Quilotoa.

Hiking In Ecuador

Hiking In Ecuador(Jlh249/Wikimedia Commons)

5. Fascinating Hikes

Travelers will find many places to go for a hike including national parks such as Cotopaxi. The area accommodates short as well as long hikes, while providing excellent views of horses and condors. Try a hike on an Inca trail that goes directly to the ruins of Ingapirca.

6. Exciting Paragliding And Hang Gliding

See the country from a bird’s-eye view when you go paragliding and hang gliding. Anyone can it do, and beginners will find the tandem flights helpful. Consider Canoa and Niton for your first flight. They are two of the most popular paragliding locations in Ecuador.

camping tent


7. Enjoyable Camping

Visitors seeking an alternative to standard hotels will find many places to camp throughout the country. Areas along the coast as well as national parks provide the best spots for campers.

(Gerard Prins/Wikimedia Commons)

(Gerard Prins/Wikimedia Commons)

8. Stunning Climbs

Climbers will find several altitudes of adventure from Cotopaxi to Chimborazo. You can plan on one-week or two-week trips that feature guides who keep up with important details such as weather and communications.

(Epipelagic/Wikimedia Commons)

(Epipelagic/Wikimedia Commons)

9. Refreshing Dives

The Humboldt Current brings food for marine life and draws whales, sharks, sea turtles, manta rays and many types of fish to the waters just off the coast. Visit from November to April for warmer seas that are easy to navigate.

Diving Boat Near Galapagos Islands

Diving Boat Near Galapagos Islands(MusikAnimal/Wikimedia Commons)

10. Exquisite Boating

The Pacific Ocean offers a great spot for activities such as whale watching. Boats can be rented through many operators and a crew is often included for an additional fee. Try a trip that lasts several days to take advantage of the warm and enchanting waters.

11. Delectable Cuisine

Cooking tours give visitors the chance to prepare local dishes including patacones. For travelers seeking just a day of culinary information, short classes are offered that feature cooking, food history and visits to area markets.

Sangay National Park

Sangay National Park(Albert Backer/Wikimedia Commons)

12. Outstanding Ecotravel Opportunities

You can view birds, marine life, mammals and amphibians while learning about the people of Ecuador. Specially crafted tour packages offer interactions with indigenous people as well as their communities. UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Sangay National Park also have many ecosystems that feature tropical climates and volcanoes.

13. Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are known around the world for up close interactions with wildlife such as penguins and sea lions. Just be wary of the restrictions that apply to protect the delicate ecosystem. 

Sobralia Rosea

Sobralia Rosea(Dick Culbert/Wikimedia Commons)

14. Dazzling Orchids

Ecuador is home to more orchids than anywhere else in the world. Intage Cloud Forest Reserve and Quinto Botanical Garden are great locations to view these flowers in their natural surroundings. The Orchid and Botanical Garden of the Center for the Conservation of Amazonian Flora also provides tours with experienced guides.

Ecuador Volcano

Ecuador Volcano(Ed Vicenzi (Smithsonian Institution)/Wikimedia Commons)

15. Volcanic Hot Air Balloon Rides

Hot air balloons offer a relaxing choice on most vacations, but you can take it to the next level in Ecuador with a tour that goes over volcanoes. Licensed pilots carry small groups over lakes and mountains before coming close to the actual volcanoes.

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