Travel Tip Of The Day: Where To Go Diving And Snorkeling In Zanzibar

Zanzibar is one of the best spots in Africa for underwater adventures. Tourists flock here to combine a few days of relaxation with scuba diving and snorkeling at the incredibly colorful and diverse reefs that surround the island.

One of the best places for reef diving is Kizimkazi Reef, located on the south of the island near the Unguja Lodge.

The entire area is part of a reef system that goes out to a barrier reef on the edge of the island, making it a great spot for snorkeling or diving.

Another spot to check out for a good reef is on Chumbe Island –a protected area with access by permit only.

Chumbe features a shallow reef, easy to get to dive spots, and plenty of tropical fish, making it particularly easy for snorkeling.

If you happen to be in Stone Town (and you should definitely visit), take a trip to the inner channel between Zanzibar and the mainland.

There are several sunken shipwrecks in the area worth checking out, along with a good amount of tropical fish that often congregate around them.

Another great destination is Mnemba Island at the northern tip of Zanzibar.

This small atoll features an easy dive down to about 20 meters and quite a bit of coral, too.

You can also spot dolphins, whales, and sea turtles due to the deeper water in the area.

And although you have to go with a tour operator, Tumbatu Island makes a fun place to spend the day under the water.

It’s located off the northwest of Unguja and features a coral reef that encircles most of the island’s five mile stretch.

If you do decide to head out, the best time of year to go is from June to October, when there is warm weather and low humidity.

Temps tend to stick around 85F (29C) in the day and around 65F (18F) at night.

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