Travel Tip Of The Day: Where To Go Horseback Riding In Mauritius

Mauritius sets the bar for a picturesque luxury destination in Africa.

Not only does the island country offer gorgeous views in every direction, there are also plenty of activities where you can enjoy the scenery.

One of the best ways to explore all the beauty of the island is by horse.

And whether it’s a leisurely ride down the beach, a journey into the forest, or learning to ride a show horse, Mauritius can more than likely accommodate you.

Most travelers will generally stay in either the north or south of the island.

The north of the island has more of the resorts and tends to be a bit more touristy, while the south is more wild with less people around — both are stunning.

One of the best places to go riding in the north is at Forbach Stables near Grand Baie.

The stables offer trail rides across sugarcane plantations and the rugged countryside, with options for single or group otions.

If you want to learn how to do show-jumping, dressage or vaulting, Club Equitation du Nord offers a riding school where locals and tourists can get fantastic training.

The club is located on the old grounds of the Mon Loisir Sugar Estate, which makes the perfect backdrop for a fun day of horseback riding.

As mentioned, the south of the island is a bit wilder, so if want to go horseback riding on the beach with few people around, head straight to the Centre Equestre De Riambel.

At Riambel, visitors can ride horses 2.5km down the white sandy beaches and through the water, too.

Another great place in the south is Haras du Morne, featuring a stable of 15 horses and two ponies.

Rides here can range from one hour to five hours along the beach.

Guests can even cross over the water to some of the nearby islands when the tide is low.

Finally, for those wanting to go up into the mountains, La Vieille Chimenee offers accommodation on an agricultural farm and allows riders to go up into the mountains through sugarcane and pineapple fields — it literally doesn’t get any sweeter.

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