Buying Guide: Essential Camping Gear For Africa

If you’re planning a trip to Africa, you have to have the right gear. And that’s especially the case when you’re heading out into the wilderness on a camping adventure. From picking the right sleeping bag to choosing the perfect grill for braai-ing, here’s our buying guide for all the essential camping gear you need in Africa. If you see something you absolutely must have NOW, click the “buy” button and it’s yours.

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Mountainsmith Morrison Tent


It goes without saying that one of the most necessary and important items on a camping trip is a great tent. With over 35 square feet of space, this three-season tent from Mountainsmith Morrison easily sleeps two people and has won numerous Backpacker Gear Guide awards such as “Killer Deal” and “Killer Value.” For more advice on picking out a tent, see How To Choose A Good Camping Tent.

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Stansport Mosquito Net


A mosquito net adds an extra layer of protection inside your tent to protect against bites in the night. A good net will also allow you to open up the tent to get air circulation while still keeping pesky critters off you. This mosquito net from Stansport is a solid choice and mildew resistant, so it’s sure to be in your gear for awhile.

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Teton Sports Camp Pillow

There’s nothing quite as bad when camping as waking up with a sore neck (well, except maybe blisters). To stop it from happening, you need to have a good camp pillow. This one from Teton sports weighs less than a pound and comes in four different colors to match your style.

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Coleman Warm Weather Sleeping Bag

It does get cold in Africa from time to time, but many places stay quite warm throughout the year, even at night. This Coleman warm weather sleeping bag is the perfect choice for keeping you comfortable on the ground without making you sweat through the night.

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Streamlight: The Siege Lantern

Unless you want to stumble around your campsite in complete darkness after the sun sets, you’ll need to pick up a good lantern. Not only will this lantern from Streamlight brighten up your tent, it’s also super useful for maneuvering around your tent or heading out for early morning hikes.

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GSI Outdoors Stainless Tea Kettle

Tea time! There’s no need to go without your morning or afternoon tea while camping, in fact, it’s sure to enhance your trip. This stainless steel tea kettle from GSI Outdoors is designed for camping, but can also be put to good use once you get back from your adventure.

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ALPS Mountaineering Self-Inflating Air Pad


Depending on where you’re camping out, a sleeping bag alone just won’t cut it. So bring along this cushy self-inflating air pad from ALPS Mountaineering to keep from getting a sore back when you sleep on a hard surface.

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Texsport Anodized Cooking Set


You can’t survive a camping trip on trail mix alone can you? Well, we suppose you could, but why would you want to? Pick up this anodized cooking set from Texsport and cook up some great meals by the fire or on the stove. Just be sure to clean up your mess so animals don’t come snooping around.

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Coleman Screened Canopy


Are you used to feeling cooped up inside your tent because you’re trying to avoid bugs? If so, pick up this screened canopy from Coleman so you can set up an outdoor “chill spot” without getting eaten alive. It’s the perfect accessory for lounging outside at your campsite without inviting any unwanted guests.

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Kelty LowDown Chair

Sitting on the ground is no fun. Pick up a couple of these Kelty LowDown chairs to put inside your screened canopy for hours of relaxation. Of course, you don’t have to use these just for camping, they’re perfect at the beach or in the backyard, too.

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Coleman PerfectFlow Grill Stove

Bring something to braai and get ready to fire up the grill on your camping trip. This Coleman grill stove has 20,000 BTUs of power that’s sure to cook up your meal in no time. You can also fit up to a 10-inch pan on the stove, such as the Texsport pans mentioned above.

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Lifeline 85-Piece First Aid Kit

You can never be too safe when you’re out camping, and should always pack a first aid kit. Pick up this version from Lifeline to make sure you have all the essentials when you get that inevitable scrape on your knee.

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Kelty Folding Cooler

Do you really want to drink warm water in the hot African sun? We didn’t think so. Instead, throw some drinks on ice in this folding cooler before heading out. The Kelty folding cooler also squashes down into an easy-to-carry item with a handle when empty, making it a no-brainer to bring with you.

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Yalumi LED Headlamp

Even if you have a lantern, you might need to keep your hands free for tasks around the campsite. So fit yourself with a headlamp like this LED model from Yalumi. The XP-E LED puts out 105 lumens and has over 180 hours of burn time in economy mode, so you won’t have to worry about being light-less.

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Eltamd SPF 46 Sunscreen

Last but not least, you should never skimp when protecting your skin. Skip the cheap stuff from the grocery store and pick up this SPF 46 Sunscreen from Eltamd instead. It’s paraben-free, odorless, and ideal for sensitive skin.

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