Tropical Family Adventure: 15 Fun-Filled Kids Activities In Mauritius

Although you might think of Mauritius as a honeymoon style destination, there are actually lots of things to do on this island in the Indian Ocean if traveling with the kids. Here are 15 ideas that will appeal to the entire family.

1. Snap a Selfie with a baby croc

Kids will love the crocodile & giant tortoise park and nature Reserve that is home to more than 1,000 Aldabra tortoises and more than 2,000 Nile crocodiles! You can take photos with the baby crocs and also ride the tortoises. There are also more than 23,000 bug species to learn about here and a gift shop with all sorts of croc products.

2. Intro Dive

If you’re traveling with teenagers, let them try an intro dive that will introduce them to the world of scuba without going deep enough to cause damage. There are dive outfitters all over the island.

3. Snorkel Trip

Snorkeling is another excellent family activity and you can organize half or full-day trips through most of the hotels. There are a number of good snorkeling spots around the island.

4. Tour a Tea Factory

Take a tour of the Bois Cheri Tea Factory, which has been brewing tea for over 100 years. Afterwards have tea in their cafe.

5. Rochester Waterfalls

Have your hotel arrange a day hike to Rochester Waterfalls. This is good for families with school-aged children. You can jump off the top of the falls into a deep pool of water.

6. Zip Line Adventure

Kids over four years will love the zip line park. The only of its kind in the Indian Ocean, it has 13 different lines that fly over the trees. Parents will have fun doing this as well.

7. Day at Domaine Le Pailles

During the colonial era this was a sugar estate, but today it has been turned into a family-friendly park and cultural center with enough to keep the kids entertained all day — you can even organize for them to do activities alone while you grab an adult only meal at one of the four restaurants on the property.

8. Dolphin Cruise

The west coast of Mauritius is home to bottlenose and spinner dolphins, and you can join a catamaran cruise to see them from Tamarin Beach — just pick a sustainable operator that doesn’t harass the dolphins.

9. Dodo History

Yep the dodo bird was a Mauritius native, and kids can learn all about this extinct species in the Dodo Gallery of the Natural History Museum in Port Louis. You’ll have to visit to find out why they disappeared.

10. Glass Bottom Boat Ride

Take a glass bottom boat ride to the Blue Bay Marine Park on the island’s southeast coast and then indulge in some family-friendly snorkeling.

11. Semi-Submarine Explorations

You can also see the world from under the water on a semi-submarine exploration — you’ll be seated just below sea level so you can see all the fish as you cruise around the bay for around two hours.

12. Go on Safari

You can even see some of the Big Five in Mauritius if you visit Casela Nature Park, where there is a dedicated big cat area (where you can even walk with the lions).

13. Pirate Boat Cruise

Kids will love sailing in a pirate style boat to the beautiful Ile aux Cerfs, which is home to a wonderful beach with calm water for kids to play in.

14. Explore Port Louis

You can entertain little ones inside the colorful indoor market in Port Louis, the capital city. It is filled with weird looking veggies and fruits and other foreign looking items.

15. Caudan Waterfront

You can also wander around the lively Caudan Waterfront where there are some hundred plus shops to pop into to let the kids choose a souvenir.

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