Travel Tip Of The Day: How To Go On A Spice Tour In Zanzibar

Zanzibar is world renowned for the incredible island spices who brought great riches to the sultans along with great flavors to taste buds everywhere.

And along with visiting Stone Town and the island’s beaches, a spice tour is one of the most interesting things travelers can do.

There are several spice plantations that are located just outside Zanzibar city and tours can give travelers the opportunity to give their senses a treat.

One of the best tours to go on is offered by Eco & Culture Tours Zanzibar.

The excursion offers a guided walking tour that passes through villages and spice plantations.

You’ll get to walk through the farms as workers climb trees and cut off specific plants to let you see, touch, and taste everything (you can also taste some exotic fruits).

The half day trip includes transport, guide, entrance fees and lunch for the cost of US$50.

Another good group to go with is Zanzibar quest, they offer a three-hour tour that picks goes to Kidichi village to visit the Persian baths as well as tasting the spices around the area.

Rates for Zanzibar quest run a bit cheaper at US$50 but don’t include a meal.

If you don’t go with one of these tours, many of the hotels are able to arrange a spice tour with other local experts.

And for those on a budget, you can take a local bus directly to the spice farm and walk around yourself (you won’t get the expert guide though).

The best time to go is in the late afternoon in order to avoid the crowds.

Be aware that sometimes locals will also try to sell you trinkets and bracelets if you are on a tour — it’s easy to just be polite and say no if you don’t want anything though.

Traveling to the plantations is also the cheapest way to purchase spices and oils, its usually marked up a bit in the city markets (unless you are an incredible bargainer).

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