The Beauty Of Lake Malawi In Photos

Tourists are increasingly discovering Lake Malawi, which offers laid-back beaches, gorgeous flora and fauna, traditional local culture, and excellent watersports opportunities. Here are 15 photos that show off the best Lake Malawi has to offer.

sunrise makuzi beach malawi


The sunrise welcomes the day over Makuzi Beach

lake malawi


 A kayaker explores the area’s unique rock formations

(Paul venter/Wikimedia Commons)

(Paul venter/Wikimedia Commons)

There are great vantage points to see the surrounding green hills

monkey bay lake malawi


If you want to relax, Monkey Bay is a serene place enjoy the African sun

fishing lake malawi


Around the lake, locals bring in the day’s catch…

wives lake malawi


…while wives wait for their husbands to return from fishing

kande beach

PlusONE /

Locals also regularly hang out at Kande beach

cattle lake malawi


Cattle enjoy the beautiful shore, too

cichlid lake malawi


And cichlids swim in the water down below

African Fish Eagle


Up above, an African fish eagle swoops in for a meal

monitor lizard

Sarah Depper / Flickr

Monitor lizards also call the area home

chitimba beach


Dune grass helps protect the coast at Chitimba Beach

makoro boat lake malawi


Farther up the shore, a makoro boat waits for a passenger

hiker lake malawi


A hiker enjoys a well-deserved view from high above the lake…

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Lake Malawi at sunset (Shutterstock)

…where he can view a gorgeous sunset over the lake

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This article was originally published on March 26, 2015.

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