Travel Tip Of The Day: When To See Flamingos At Lake Nakuru

Located in central Kenya, Lake Nakuru is famous for the thousands (sometimes millions) of flamingos that are attracted to the algae the lake offers.

But to see as many flamingos as possible, it pays to know when to visit.

Flamingos feed on the algae in the lake and that is highest after the rainy season is over.

The rainy season usually ends in April, with the dry season peaking in June and often extending into August.

July and August tend to be the peak season for the beautiful birds, but there were also be way more people (something to keep in mind).

Unfortunately, El Nino years can cause many of the birds to head over to nearby Lake Bogoria due to the alkaline levels in the water changing because of excess rain.

But even if you can’t make it during the prime season, you will still likely see a few flamingos hanging around, just not in the massive flocks that come in the summer.

And it’s not just flamingos that are in the area, plenty of other birds and wildlife such as baboons, warthogs, giraffes, and around 100 rhinos call the area home.

As for the birds, there are over 500 species in the area, including one of the highest concentrations of long crested eagles on the planet.

If you plan to stay, there are three lodges inside the park, along with a few primitive camping sites for those that want to rough it.

For more information on Kenya’s flamingos, see our article: Flamingos: Kenya’s Other Great Migration.

And for a glimpse of the flamingos and other wildlife in the area, check out our video, Exploring Lake Nakuru, Kenya.

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