Travel Tip Of The Day: What To Tip In Egypt

No matter what country you’re traveling to,¬†figuring out what to tip can be a tricky subject.

This is especially true in Egypt.

And you need to be prepared to know what to tip before heading out so it doesn’t mess up your budget.

In Egypt, tipping is expected pretty much wherever you go — and it doesn’t matter if the service was terrible.

But before you get all flustered about tipping so much, just remember many people rely on tips (baksheesh) for their livelihood.

For dining out (which you’ll undoubtedly want to do), it’s normal to tip around 10% ore more at restaurants.

But if you got there in a short taxi ride, this normally doesn’t require a tip.

Back at the hotel, bellmen usually expect about five pounds per bag, and hotel maids expect around five to 10 pounds per night.

Relaxing at a spa? You better budget about a 15% tip.

Want to take a journey down the Nile on a cruise? Expect to pay about 20 pounds per person per night.

And if you want somebody to drive you around for a day, 40 pounds is a fair price to pay for the tip.

If you are in a tourist area (which you probably will be), many people will try to demand a tip for extremely small things, such as pointing you in the right direction, or telling you about an artifact.

Although you might get a bit of harassment, you aren’t required to tip for these things, especially if you didn’t ask them for help.

In these situations, you should tell them no thanks politely and go on about your business.

However, if you do get outstanding help or service from somebody, use your best discretion and tip well.

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