Travel Tip Of The Day: When To Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is on the bucket list of pretty much every mountain climber and adventure traveler in the world.

And if you are trying to plan a trip to complete the hike, it pays to know what time of the year you should go.

Technically, you could climb Kilimanjaro anytime of year, but depending on when you go, bad weather or bigger crowds could await.

In general, the best months to go are during the mountain’s two dry seasons in the months of January, February, August, and September, but these will also be the busiest months and tend to be chilly.

For those wanting to hike in the warmer months, January through the middle of March tend to be the warmest and feature clear mornings with an occasional brief shower in the daytime.

The end of March through early June has the smallest crowds but is also the long rainy season – it’s generally not advised due to slippery conditions, though it can be accomplished.

The summits will also be covered in thick clouds during these times, so you might not get to see that much.

After September and October, the short rainy season (yes there are two of them) lasts from November to December with afternoon rains being common, although skies are usually clear in the mornings and evenings.

Outside of the month of the year, many climbers like to time their climbs to reach the peak during the full moon.

The bright moon not only improves visibility, it also offers incredibly scenic views.

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