Epic Waves: 15 Great Places To Surf In Angola

With some of the best surf spots in Africa, Angola is a surfer’s paradise. Experienced surfers regularly head to the north of the country between July and October (winter months) to get the best surf conditions. It’s also an ideal place to surf for beginners – just look out for the hungry sharks and crocodiles. Here are some of the best places to surf in Angola. 



1. Cabo Ledo 

Located 125 kilometres south of Luanda, you’ll find Cabo Ledo. Perfect for beginning riders, this surf spot is at its best when the wind is blowing north to south and the swell is coming from east to north. It’s only about a five minute walk to the beach, or you can make your way there in a 4×4.

surfing in Barra da Kwanza angola


2. Barra da Kwanza 

If you head in the same direction of Cabo Lebo, you’ll find Barra da Kwanza. Just 80 kilometers south of Luanda, this surf spot is ideal for a day trip, but is somewhat hard to find. With a 10-minute walk to the beach, this spot has a right and left break, and although a bit rocky, is ideal for all surfers.

surfing at Point of Mussulo in angola


3. Point of Mussulo 

With Point of Mussulo being in the city of Luanda, this surf spot is extra popular. It’s accessible by the beach with a five minute walk or by boat. Watch out for strong currents in this area, as well as swimmers (or maybe the swimmers should watch out for surfers). 

surfing at Ambriz Beach in Angola


4. Ambriz Beach

Just north of the small airport of Ambritz, you’ll find a white sand road that leads to Ambriz Beach. This small cove has a beautiful beach which is fondly referred to as “paradise on earth” by the locals. The beach also has great waves with a left break, and is ideal for all surfers no matter what your experience.

Benguela surfing in angola


5. Benguela 

Located in western Angola, Benguela is ideal for someone looking for a surf holiday or those coming to the country on holiday. With loads of hotels in this area and stunning beaches, it makes a great area to spend time with family. Although the surf is pretty average and small, you’ll be surrounded by the amazing beauty of Angola.

surfing Buraco in angola


6. Buraco 

This easy to find surf spot is in a small fishing village about 40 kilometers south of Luanda. The beach is easily accessible by foot and can also be accessed by 4×4. It features a left beach break that is acceptable for all levels of surfers.

surfing at shipwreck in angola

(szilard albert/Flickr)

7. Shipwreck 

At the beginning of the Mussulo Sand Pit, you’ll find a surf spot that features a shipwreck. But if you swim out about a hundred meters from the shore, you’ll find a sandbar that creates powerful waves and a left beach break. This surf spot is also known for strong onshore winds and for sharks, so it’s only for experienced surfers.


(jlrsousa/Wikimedia Commons)

8. Sumbe 

About 15km outside of the town of Sumbe is this left break surf spot at Praia de Namoradas beach. Perfect for a weekend away surf trip, it’s easy to find and access.

9. Cabgo 

With this surf spot being in the heart of the city, it’s only natural that it’s popular with locals and tourists. Cabgo has a classic left break and is suitable for surfers of all experience levels, but waves can get big when the conditions are good.

Chicala surfing in angola

(Cesco77/Wikimedia Commons)

10. Chicala 

It might seem like a weird place to surf because of the adjacent island, but Chicala has great waves for beginners. The area can be easily reached from Ilha. 

surfing in Miradouro angola

(Harleys & Thunderstorms/Flickr)

11. Miradouro 

55 kilometres outside of Luanda (past Shipwreck and Buraco) is Miradouro. With a left point break, this area is ideal for all surfers. You might need a 4×4 to get to this surf spot, especially if it has been raining.

Porto Amboim surfing in Angola

(Francesco Canu/Wikimedia Commons)

12. Porto Amboim

When the wind is right, this surf spot in the town before Sumbe is ideal for beginners who are looking for smaller waves. The beachfront area is very industrial and has a few factories along the beach. Not exactly the most scenic place, but gives you a different look and is easy to get to. 

13. Rio Quicombo 

For something inland, some surfers head to Rio Quicombo. Close to the village of Quicombo, an old factory provides a landmark to where the beach is.

Namibe in angola surfing

(Chensiyuan/Wikimedia Commons)

14. Namibe 

If you’re looking for a cold water swim then, Namibe is for you. On the border of Namibia and Angola, this uncrowded surf spot has a small surfing community and a great left point-break.

surfing in angola

(“Mike” Michael L. Baird/Wikimedia Commons)

15. Lobito 

With small waves making it perfect for beginners, Lobito is an amazing surf spot. When the tide is right, this spot can have some exciting waves that won’t overwhelm surfers like some spots in Angola.

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