Travel Tip Of The Day: What You Need To Know About Fishing In South Africa

While it isn’t as adrenaline pumping as surfing or skydiving, fishing is one of the more popular recreational activities in South Africa

But if you’re thinking of doing a little fishing on your next trip, you have to¬†know a few things.

First, you’re going to need a license, else you will face possible fines if you’re caught without it.

A fishing license can be purchased at any of the coastal post offices or conservation offices in the country — you can also get them inland.

The cost is is currently R76 for angling permits and they are valid for a year, except for permits for species that can only be caught during season.

Before you head out, you should also know your bag limits — be sure to ask when you pick up your license.

No matter what you catch, there is a cumulative limit of 10, irrespective of what species you bring in.

Some of the best places to go are along the coast of the two oceans and up in the mountain streams (perfect for fly fishing).

But due to South Africa’s protected coastline, there are plenty of places where you can’t fish, here’s a list of the protected areas around the country.

If you don’t want to go on your own, here’s a list full of dozens of charters that can take you out as well.

Fishing also helps to protect the environment in South Africa.

Money used for fishing licenses is used to help protect marine life in the country and to further research of the beautiful coastline.

Here’s to catching a big one!

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