Nice And Juicy!: 15 Edible African Bugs

Some people visit Africa for the wild game animals or to be immersed in rich culture. But then there are those with a unique appetite for creepy crawlers. Hold on to your gag reflect and clutch tighter to your fly swatter, here are 15 edible African bugs.


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1. Madagascar hissing cockroach

They say it tastes just like chicken.

dung beetle

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2. Dung beetle

After thorough washing (to remove the dung), some locals consider the beetle to be a real delicacy if cooked properly. People say its so gosh dung good!

mopane worm

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3. Mopane worm

One of Africa’s most popular edible bugs are these squishy looking fellas. Natives often remove the heads and will eat them raw, or they can be fried with onions to make them crunchy. Do I hear lips smacking in here?


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4. Termite

Because of their high nutrition levels, some locals love to snack on these babies. But they’ll all tell you that the Queen termite has the best flavor with a nutty taste. Hey, why not add them to your trail mix?


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5. Cicada

These edible bugs can be a tasty treat in the Congo. Deep fry them, sautee them or eat them raw for chewier innards. Yum! And come to think of it, you were about to eat those Fruit Gushers weren’t you? 


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6. Locust

Put them in your stir fry or dry them out for a crispy snack. With blindfolds on, you’d think you were eating enlarged sunflower seeds.

lantern fly

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7. Malagasy lantern fly

Andrew Zimmern couldn’t get enough of these critters during his visit to Madagascar. If he’s raving about it, then maybe you should hold your gag reflex and give it a whirl.

african bee

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8. African bee

Sorry, they don’t taste like honey, but locals have reported the bugs to be quite delicious nonetheless (especially when roasted). Oh, don’t worry, they’ll most likely remove the stingers so you don’t end up having it wedged in your throat forever.


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9. Ants

If you don’t think they’re delicious, then just look at the confident smile from one of the larger ants on the far right.


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10. Cricket

Frogs aren’t lapping the crickets up for no reasons. Bug diners report crickets to taste like a nutty shrimp. Jiminy Cricket!


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11. Nsenene (grasshopper)

Grasshoppers are often found as main ingredients since they can absorb the seasonings well. When eating this treat, the grass will never be greener (or in this case, tastier) on the other side.


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12. Tarantula

Fear Factor contestants aside, locals have raved about tarantulas to be an important ingredients in their household cooking. If you look past its thick spidery hairy legs, you might detect a chicken flavor to them. Eight thumbs up!

stink bug

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13. Stink Bug

Stink bug eaters swear that they taste like apples. So hold your nose and shove it down your throat. Johnny Appleseed approves!

midge fly

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14. Midge Fly

Those little teeny weeny fellas? What’s the point? Actually, locals will collect hundreds (maybe thousands) of midge flies to cram together into a cake. Forget Mars Bars, get a Midge Bar!


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15. Millipede

Here we ago again, the locals say this too, tastes like chicken. So when gorging on this creepy crawly guy, be sure to chew thoroughly (in case he’s still alive so it won’t latch onto your esophagus).

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