Adorable Overload: The Cutest Places In Japan You Have To Visit

We all know the unique perks of Japan involve advanced technologies, weird inventions and manga comics. But Japan doesn’t stop there — the country takes pride in being known for indulging in over-the-top cute things. From furry faced coffee companions, to edible cuteness, here are 15 of the cutest places in Japan you must visit to get your fix.

bunny cafe

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1. Bunny Cafe

Why drink tea alone when you can head to the bunny cafe and cuddle with rabbits? This cafe is a new growing concept in Tokyo and never fails to bring a smile to anybody that walks inside the cafe. You’ll have a hopping good time.

2. Zao Fox Village

In Miyagi Prefecture, a village is swarmed with furry red delightful fiends. At an insanely cheap price (US$.85), visitors can enter the premise (carefully). Most of the foxes are used to humans are are quite friendly, like a dog.

3. Baby crawling competition

Once a year, parents take their bundle of joy to this strange yet adorable competition. Babies dressed up in various costumes (highlighting their cuteness) are entered in a race, whoever crawls to the end of the line first wins. Of course, baby chaos ensues.

animal doughnut

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4. Animal Doughnut Shop

What’s a more adorable place to eat than a doughnut shop full of cuddly faces plastered on your treat? It’ll be almost too cute to eat. No worries if you eat the piggie doughnut (it’s still kosher).


Courtesy of Ryosuke Yagi/

5. Tanuki kingdom in Shigaraki

In Shigaraki, a pottery village adorned with tons of cute ceramics that is decorated throughout the village. The most iconic and popular cute figurine is the tanuki. This raccoon-dog creature is fabled to have mystical powers to shape shift and cause troubles. As mischievous tanukis are reputed to be, there’s no denying their cuteness.


Courtesy of Tomohiro Ohtake/

6. Sanrio Puroland

If you’re a fan of Hello Kitty, then this theme park is right up your alley. Visitors can immerse themselves into a Sanrio character fantasyland with Kerropi’s pond and Badtz Maru’s cave. You’ll definitely have your maximum dose of kawaii cuteness for the day.

7. Moomin Bakery and Cafe

If you’re feeling a bit lonely while wandering around Tokyo, be sure to stop by Moomin Bakery and Cafe and have a drink with an over-sized plush Moomin (we’re not sure what he is, a hippo?). You can sip on your green tea matcha and tell all your stories to Moomin, you’d be surprised to find out that he is quite a good listener.

cat cafe

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8. Cat Cafe

You might have heard of this one since it’s becoming a growing trend in multiple countries. Due to Japan’s apartments being predominately small and often having strict regulations against pets, many locals visit the cafe to get their feline fix. You can adopt the cats and your coffee money goes to the welfare of the animals.


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9. Penguin March at Asahiyama Zoo

In the city of Ashahiyama, zoo workers noticed an ongoing problem with their penguins. The penguins are getting noticeably fatter, forcing workers to make some changes. Every winter, the zoo forces the penguins to parade by tourists twice a day to keep in shape. So stop by, and get tickled pink at the sight of adorable portly penguins waddling their way to health.

10. Izu Teddy Bear Museum

Teddy bear tea parties, teddy bear library, over-sized teddy bears and miniature teddy bears will have you gushing over their cuteness. If you’re a Hayao Miyazaki fan, you’ll love their giant walk-in Catbus.

11. Owl Cafe

If cats and bunnies can have their own cafes, the owls might as well chip in. Owls are heavily watched by trainers and will supervise as you pet the owls’ heads. Oh, don’t be surprised if they make a cute little doo doo on you, it’s all part of the package.

squirrel garde

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12. Squirrel Garden

For a small fee, you can go to the Machida Squirrel Park and be greeted by hundreds of the furry rodents. You can feed them sunflower seeds and even pick them up (you’ll wear thick gloves of course). If you haven’t gotten enough of the cuteness yet, the garden also has a bunny and guinea pig petting area.

snow monkey japan

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13. Bathing Snow Monkeys In Nagano

The Japanese macaque is a sensation is the hot springs of Nagano. During the freezing winter, the monkeys sink in the springs for hours to stay warm and can be a spectacular view for visitors to watch them. Don’t worry, they won’t mind your presence since the macques have lost their fear of humans.

14. Rabbit Island

Rabbit Island (otherwise called Okunoshima) is famous for its feral rabbits that roam the island. Hunting them is forbidden and tourists can visit the island to feed and pet them. If you’re feeling a bit down, this island is the perfect antidote.

15. Sumo wrestlers make babies cry

This may be cute in a weird way. In Japan, it’s a traditional for sumo wrestlers to make your baby cry to bring good luck. So head over to the festival of Nakizumo and watch adorable plump babies blubber into tears by intimidating sumo wrestlers.

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