Travel Tip Of The Day: How To Go On A Chobe River Safari

One of the most popular places to see wildlife in Africa is in Botswana, and one of the best ways to see it by going on a Chobe River safari.

The Chobe River meanders around the northern border of Chobe National Park and features one of the highest elephant concentrations in Africa (an estimated 50,000).

There are multiple ways to access the river, you can come in via Botswana, or you can also come in from Namibia — either way is about as easy.

Only a select portion of the riverfront is accessible by boat, but once you get on the river there is plenty to explore.

The best time to go is between April-October (Botswana’s dry season). Game concentrations are at their highest then and you’ll be able to see huge herds of antelope, buffalo and elephant.

If you’re lucky, you’ll probably see a few leopards and lions as well.

You can also go during December-March for cheaper rates, but don’t expect to see as much. But if you are fine with just seeing hippos and crocodiles, it can still be a worthwhile money-saving trip.

If you have a few days to spare, a great way to go on safari is via house boat. Siyaboni Africa offers an excellent three-day two-night adventure down the river where you can relax while watching amazing wildlife.

For a more leisurely and shorter option, go with Wild Horizons. They offer a 40-seat cruise boat that takes you on a three-hour cruise for $US49.50.

There are also several lodges in the area such as the Chobe Game Lodge — all offer their own excursions through the area.

No matter which option you pick, it’s sure to be a thrilling adventure.

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