Travel Tip Of The Day: How To Go Quad Biking In Merzouga

Quad biking has become a popular sport in Morocco, especially around Merzouga and the Erg Chebbi dunes.

Merzouga is a town of only 2,000 people (the jumping-ff point for excursions), and the Erg Chebbi dunes are 50 kilometers in length, five kilometers wide, and up to 350 meters in height.

The best way to go is to hire a guide and/or local driver who will be able to expertly navigate the terrain, and will most likely take you east in the area along the Algerian border.

Fortunately, several companies in the area offer fantastic guides and services.

One of the best companies is Quads Les Petales de Merzouga. It offers both four-wheel drive tours as well as camel treks. You can contact them for availability at 0610/63 72 45.

Another company to go with is Morocco Desert Excursions. You can even drive the quad from the from their location straight into the dunes if you want. To book, contact

And for those looking for a longer excursion, there are several Morocco packages that can be booked which include days around the dunes. Morocco Active Adventures offers several flexible packages that can be designed around your interests.

Although a good local guide is highly recommended, if you have a sense of adventure and your wits about you, it can be done by yourself. Most of the companies above will also let you do self guided tours.

But if your vehicle gets stuck, which occasionally happens, you’ll need to contact somebody who can pick you up, and the cellular networks aren’t always the greatest.

You’ll also need to be able to offer your geographical coordinates, and GPS readings in the desert area can be unreliable.

If you start walking, remember that you will need a liter of water for every kilometer you walk in the hot sandy environment.

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