15 Reasons To Go On A Road Trip Down Australia’s Great Ocean Road

Australia’s Great Ocean Road offers an amazing detour from the country’s big cities. The over 150-mile road encourages an adventurous spirit that will be the highlight of any vacation. Here are 15 reasons to go on a road trip down Australia’s Great Ocean Road.

Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road(Summi/Wikimedia Commons)

1. Beautiful Coastal Views

The Great Ocean Road was built next to the south Australian coastline. Drivers can expect unobstructed views of popular beaches that line the route as well as the Bass Strait.


Torquay(Merritt15/Wikimedia Commons)

2. Torquay

This well known vacation town is a favorite spot for surfers from around the world. Its situated at the beginning of the Great Ocean Road and presents great overnight accommodations.

great ocean road


3. Twelve Apostles

These limestone formations are natural attractions that date back millions of years. Erosion and strong winds sculpted their unique shape which can be seen from the extensive cliffs. Take the Gibson Steps for a closer look.

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4. Great Ocean Walk

Look to the Great Ocean Walk as a peaceful break from the Great Ocean Road. It covers almost the same distance as the road and features a great way to experience the wildlife that calls the area home.

steamed crabs


5. Gourmet Dining

Fresh seafood and local cuisine top the menus of restaurant throughout the route. Popular locations include Gladioli in Inverleigh and Brae in Birregurra. More casual dining can be found in various cafes that feature quick service options.


Australia(Pplu/Wikimedia Commons)

6. Uncrowded Travel

The Great Ocean Road presents stretches without crowds or long lines of tourists. Drivers can experiences periods of travel that focus on the incredible landscapes and winding curves between towns.


Grampians(Mussklprozz/Wikimedia Commons)

7. Grampians National Park

Rock formations in Grampians National Park are great for climbers, but anyone can enjoy the wildflowers that cover parts of the the terrain. Visit Mount William to view its tallest formation or catch glimpses of the rock art that conveys Aboriginal history.

(Quinn Dombrowski/Wikimedia Commons)

(Quinn Dombrowski/Wikimedia Commons)

8. Extensive Breweries and Vineyards

The area is home to many breweries and vineyards that serve locally grown products. Craft breweries specialize in micro brews that feature bold flavors. The Geelong and Henty wine region also promote specialty wines that draw attention to Pinots as well as Merlots.

Cape Otway

Cape Otway(csett86/(Christoph Settgast, Germany)/Flickr/Wikimedia Commons)

9. Cape Otway Lightstation

This national attraction was built over 150 years ago. Guests can experience a breathtaking view of the Southern Ocean before staying overnight in historic accommodations. Guided tours are also available.


Courtesy of Dog4aday/Flickr.com

10. Rip Curl Pro

Surfing is one of the top sports in the region. Some of the top surfers in the world visit each year to participate in Rip Curl Pro. The competition occurs on Bells Beach which is known for its large waves and favorable conditions. Take time to view this event and see the best that surfing has to offer.


Queenscliff(Poyt448 Peter Woodard/Wikimedia Commons)

11. Queenscliff

Visit this quaint village which sits near Geelong. Its Victorian history is present throughout the area as buildings and structure reenact the period. The Queensclff Music Festival is an especially popular event for the village.


Ballarat(Pplu/Wikimedia Commons)

12. Goldfields

Victoria is known for the goldfields that brought settlers during the 1800s. Ballarat is a prominent part of the fields and features exhibits as well as information about its history. Ararat also displays the history of Chinese travelers that came to the area.

(lemurbaby/Wikipedia Commons)

(lemurbaby/Wikipedia Commons)

13. Port Fairy

The village gives guests an upclose view of their most famous inhabitants, fur seals. Take a guided tour to view the whales and dolphins that live in the nearby waters and you might come face to face with a shark along the way.


Anglesea(Diceman/Wikimedia Commons)

14. Anglesea

Anglesea is a few miles from Torquay. The town features an influx of tourists during summer months, but offers a great golf course that attracts local wildlife including kangaroos. If possible, avoid visiting during holidays to avoid crowds.



15. Shipwreck Coast

The Shipwreck Coast received its name after numerous ships crashed into its hard to navigate waters. Areas where specific incidents occurred are easy to find, but hundreds of wrecks are still missing.

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