Travel Tip Of The Day: Take The TAZARA Train To Save Money In Tanzania

Most people who have traveled to Tanzania know that flights into and out of the country can be rather expensive.

Instead of booking a plane ticket, a cheaper (and more scenic option) to travel with is the TAZARA train if you’re going to or from Zambia to Tanzania.

TAZARA stands for the Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority and moves over 12,000 passengers a week between Tanzania and Zambia

Fortunately, many travelers going to East Africa are trying to explore several countries at a time, so the connection makes sense.

Along the way, you’ll be able to see beautiful scenery throughout the countryside instead of the clouds from above — you’ll even cross through large uninhabited areas of the Selous Game Reserve.

Flights between the two countries run close to US$450 bucks, but a first class ticket on TAZARA only costs a bit over $US25. Sounds like a no-brainer to us if you aren’t on a tight schedule.

The train route runs 1,160 miles from Dar es Salaam all the way to central Zambia with plenty of places for you to get on and off to explore.

You might be thinking this sounds great, but what’s the catch? Here are a few things to be aware of.

Because it’s such a cheap worthwhile trip, TAZARA is in high demand, and passengers should book their seat at least two weeks in advance of their travel date.

It isn’t exactly the cleanest train in the world, but for the traveler looking to save some money it is worth it for the experience.

As with any train that covers over 1,000 miles, delays can and do happen.

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