Travel Tip Of The Day: How To Visit Tsodilo Hills, Botswana

Famed for its amazing rock art, Tsodilo Hills is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that consists of rock shelters, depression, and caves.

The hills are of huge significance to the San people, and there are over 4,000 prehistoric rock paintings across 200 sites in the area.

To get there, you’ll probably want to book as part of a safari package, but adventurous travelers can drive about 40km along a dirt road from Shakawe to get there.

You should also be advised to plan your trip around the seasons. Winter (April-October) is the best time to go, as other times of the year can be scorching hot.

Uncharted Africa offers an itinerary that spends three night with the bushmen and two nights exploring the mystical hills.

Another great choice is to book with Delta Rain African Safaris for its “Spirit of the Hills” itinerary, which includes three nights around the hills accompanied by local guides.

For those going on their own, you’ll need to take Sehithwa-Shakawe road just south of Nxamasere along the Okavango River.

Admission to Tsodilo Hills is free, and visitors must report to the headquarters at the main camp (called Rhino).

Camping is also free at the campsites around the area, but they are extremely basic and run by the National Museum.

Luckily, the main camp site has showers and toilets if you plan to stay in the area while.

There is also a museum worth browsing for a few minutes near the campsites, though of course the main attraction will be the rock art.


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