Travel Tip Of The Day: Where To Go Caving In Kenya

While you might think of Kenya as a place to go on safari and see all kinds of wildlife, the country offers plenty of more fun activities, like caving.

Kenya has one of the world’s largest lava tube cave systems, with more than six and a half miles of underground passages that often have historical significance.

For example the Shimoni caves were once a hiding place for locals on the run from slave hunters.

You can get to the Shimoni caves by heading about 75km south of Mombasa. They are pretty easy to explore and features a staircase leading down inside.

But this isn’t the only place to go caving, there are several places around the country to embark below on an underground adventure.

The Chyulu Hills near Tsavo East National Park features the deepest known lava tube cave in the world and they are easily accessible by staircases that let you down below.

If you want to see some waterfalls on your journey, head to the Karura Caves & Waterfalls that are just 5km outside the Nairobi CBD.

Many outfitters and organizations also have trips through caves around the country.

BlueSky offers a journey that treks through the caves surrounding Mt. Suswa.

And if you’re a local or just happen to be in Kenya for awhile, you can join the country’s only caving club, the Cave Exploration Group of East Africa (CEGEA).

The CEGEA was formed in Nairobi in 1964 by a small band of dedicated caving enthusiasts with the mission of exploring caves throughout East Africa.

No matter where you choose to go, exploring the caves of Kenya is sure to be an impressive adventure.



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