Chilly Confines: 15 Ice Hotels You Have To Stay In

These hotels are the coolest (figuratively and literally)! From beautifully adorned sculptures to steaming hot sauna baths, these hotels are so unique and exciting that you forget that you’re….well…freezing your socks off. Here are 15 ice hotels you have to stay in. 

snow village

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1. Snow Village – Kittila, Finland

Book a trip to this neon colored ice hotel for an experience of your life! Despite being isolated in a -5C room, you’ll find yourself quite comfortable with high quality sleeping bags, fleece-lined blankets and hot berry juices brought to you by room service. Enjoy!

hotel de glace

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2. Hotel De Glace – Quebec City, Canada

Just ten minutes outside of Quebec City, this special hotel has several rooms that have their own personality. Don’t worry, you won’t exactly turn into a pillar of salt from the freezing cold since each room comes with its own fireplace. This hotel also hosts many weddings surrounded by ice sculptures made by skilled artisans.

3. Royce’ Ice Hills Hotel – Tobetsu, Japan

Complete with an ice golf park and a restaurant covered in ice, this hotel is the coolest place to be in Japan. When you’re done shivering in your igloo, you can embark on a snow shoe hike up the Japanes alps or go snowmobiling (I suggest the latter). And when you’re done, you can head over to the Ice Bar to reminisce about your day over a steaming hot chocolate.

balea lac

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4. Balea Lac – Cirtisoara, Romania

If the -2C temperature doesn’t scare the vampires away, this Transylvanian hotel’s Ice Church will. At Balea Lac, not only do you get a chilly religious service, you also get a restaurant and a bar completely outfitted with ice block furniture for those who stray. You can feast on warm soups and Romanian dishes, then retire the night with a hot wine punch.


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5. IceHotel – Kiruna, Sweden

The most world famous and most talked about hotel among this list would be the IceHotel in Sweden. Every room is wonderfully carved with minimalist art of cascading ice or dome-like globes. Be sure to book the Northern Lights Room where you can see the Aurora Borealis inside your igloo.

6. Iglu-Dorf – Andorra

Tucked away in the small Pyrenees country of Andorra and only two hours away by car from Barcelona, Iglu-Dorf Hotel offers many romantic options for you and your partner. For starters, you can select to stay overnight in the Love Nest room or the Romantic Suite — where a private heated whirlpool awaits.  When you’re done with the hot sauna, you can wrap yourself in sheepskin blankets and be as snug as a bug in a rug.

7. Alpeniglu Igloo Village – Thale, Austria

Smack dab on the Kitzbuehel Alps, the Alpeniglu Igloo Village offers visitors a chilly atmosphere. Conveniently located next to ski lodges, there are 18 igloos to book. To get to the igloo village, you must take an eight-minute cable car ride that drops you off at the winter palace. Romantic perks also come with this hotel, including candlelit dinners and roses.

snow village

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8. Snow Village – Montreal, Canada

What’s a better place to find an ice hotel than the freezing backyard of Montreal? At Snow Village, non-guest visitors can enjoy browsing through the hotel rooms, sculptures and the ice bar. Only a lucky few will get selected to stay overnight in one of the handful of igloos.

9. Eskimska Vas – Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

There are only two igloos available (suited to fit eight people in each room) and only two private rooms for lovebirds, so book this at least a year in advance if you’re interested! When done skiing, guests can dine at the Igloo Restaurant for Slovenian sausages and get drunk on alcoholic Eskimo drinks at the Igloo Bar. The wild arctic will have a whole new meaning for you.

10. Hotel Kakslauttanen Igloo Village – Saariselka, Finland

The most unique ice hotel is the Hotel Kakslauttanen Igloo Village that features cocoon-like snow or glass igloos. A stay in the snow igloo will soundproof any outside noise, but an overnight sleep at the glass igloo provides open views of the sky (with very good chances of seeing the northern lights) and a comfortable room temperature. Tonight, you could rest under the stars.


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11. Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel – Alta, Norway

This 21,530 sq foot hotel in Norway will make you feel like you’re living in a juxtaposed Medieval Times-meets-Ice Capades dimension. Each winter, the hotel sports a new theme (with a hint of Nordic touch) so it never gets old. Throughout the palace, you’ll see adorned ice sculptures, carved ice walls, a sauna room, and an ice chapel available for cold weddings. For extra perks, you can embark on a riverboat tour, go dogsledding, or try a snowmobile safari to admire the winter wonderland. Of course, doing all this will build up an appetite — the hotel restaurant’s fried reindeer dish should do the trick.

12. Schneedorf Snow Village – Solden, Austria

The name isn’t exactly pleasing to the tongue, is it? At this Austrian hotel, guests can stay in a classic igloo very much like indigenous Eskimos lived in. Guests will also be offered a romantic candlelight dinner with champagne and cheese fondue. Take your date to this snow village and you’ll be the Don Juan of Narnia.

13. Alpha Resort Tomamu – Hokkaido, Japan

Opened in 2014, this new ice hotel in the snowy Japanese alps allows people to experience a full-on Christmas extravaganza with igloos, pine trees, Christmas lights, Santa Claus and s’mores. Bring your kids because it’s guaranteed to make this the best Christmas they will ever have.

14. Kirkenes Snowhotel – Kirkenese, Norway

Every room has its own themes carved into the walls of ice and snow. Whether it’s a nautical, winter wildlife or Viking theme, you can’t help but smile when you see the masterpiece room you’ll be staying in. Oh, and don’t forget to stop by the IceBar for some ice cold vodka served in glasses made of ice. 

snowcastle kemi

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15. Snowcastle of Kemi – Kemi, Finland

SnowRestaurant, SnowChapel and a SnowHotel are all available at the SnowCastle (geesh, that’s a lot of snow!). Each room is skillfully carved like an Italian rococo painting with a bed of ice lined with animal skin blankets. The restaurant serves smoked reindeer soup, cold smoked salmon and mulled wine. Don’t forget to book a tour in the Olokolo — a nightly private bed/pod sled tour with a snowmobile guide that takes you to see the Northern Lights.

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