15 Reasons To Go Camping In The Australian Outback

The Australian Outback is one of the most remote places in the world and makes a great destination to get away from it all and go camping. From Ayers Rock to red kangaroos, consider these 15 reasons to choose the Australian Outback for your next camping adventure

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1. Hike Along Expansive Hiking Trails

Hiking trails can be found throughout the Outback. Some are closely located near campsites while others require a vehicle to reach their starting point. Try a long distance trail like the Larapinta which covers over one hundred miles.

Chris Harvey / Shutterstock.com

Chris Harvey / Shutterstock.com

2. Get Some Space With Less Crowds

The size of this area means chances to experience less crowded campsites and attractions. Keep in mind that campsites near destinations such as Ayers Rock will usually be the most crowded so try to avoid long term stays near popular sites.

Camping will save you loads when it comes to accommodation (Photo: Joanna Penn / Flickr).

Camping will save you loads when it comes to accommodation (Photo: Joanna Penn / Flickr).

3. Camp On A Budget With Free Campsites

Low cost or free campsites are available to all travelers. Many of these sites can be easily found but smaller locations fill up quickly. Plan for full campsites and makes some alternative plans in case your first choice is full.

 (Sinead Friel/Wikimedia Commons)

(Sinead Friel/Wikimedia Commons)

4. Have Up Close Experiences With Australian Wildlife

Many species call Australia’s Outback home. Campsites or nearby areas are not protected, so expect some close calls with animals ranging from the bearded dragon to the red kangaroo. Always keep your distance from these creatures, but take time to respectfully view them in their native habitat.

5. Watch Unique Events

From rodeos to races, the Outback is full of fun and fascinating activities that should not be missed. One of the most popular events is the Birdsville Races which occurs each September. This two-day event features horse racing on a unique dirt track.



6. You’ll Get Unrivaled Views Of The Night Sky

Clear skies offer dazzling views during the night. Visitors often look for the Southern Cross constellation as it is best seen among the area. If you have a telescope, bring it along to catch glimpses of your other favorite constellations.

langebaan swimmer

A swimmer at Pearly’s beach (Jim Sher/flickr)

7. Go For A Relaxing Swim

Relaxing swims can take the edge off of a long journey through the Outback. Katherine Gorge is an especially great choice for travelers in the Northern part of Australia. Always be careful to avoid areas where crocodiles are present.

Kings Canyon, Australia

Kings Canyon, Australia (Ueli Fahrni/Wikimedia Commons)


8. Experience Interesting Climates

Many travelers are surprised to learn that the area features cooler temperatures as well as warm weather. It provides an interesting contrast but remember to bring items such as gloves and a jacket.

Australian Outback

Australian Outback (Jorge Lascar/Wikimedia Commons)

9. Go On A Long Distance Drive

Some unbelievable long drives await visitors to the Australian Outback. It’s the ultimate roadtrip that can run for hours or days until the next campsite is reached. Be on the lookout for the famous road trains that feature several trailers placed behind one truck.

10. Visit The Local Pubs

Pubs are a favorite destination for travelers and locals alike. It’s a great stopping point along long hikes or just for a break from the campsite. Try to choose pubs that are near hotels or other similar areas.

11. Explore Challenging Terrain

The arid and dry terrain is full of rough soil that can sometimes be hard to navigate. Adventurous campers find the soil provides a welcome challenge as they set up camp each night.

Uluru Sunrise

Uluru Sunrise (Paweł Drozd Drozdp/Wikimedia Commons)

12. View Beautiful Sunrises

Campers in the Australian Outback experience some of the most beautiful sunrises in the world. Ayers Rock is especially favored for its sunrises that help any traveler begin a new day.

Aboriginal Rock Art

Aboriginal Rock Art (Luke Durkin/Wikimedia Commons)

13. Learn About Aboriginal History

Every camper has the chance to learn about the extensive Aboriginal history that is found throughout Australia. Rock art that dates back almost 40,000 years can be experienced in areas such as Kakadu and Watarrka.

Australian Outback

Australian Outback (Andy Mitchell/Wikimedia Commons)

14. Enjoy The Large Expanses Of Land

The Outback is incredibly vast with large expanses that cover around 70% of the entire country. Campers have more opportunities to have time alone or away from larger groups thanks to this great landscape.

15. 4-Wheel Drive Adventures

4-wheel drive vehicles make it easier to reach campsites and provide an adventurous transportation option for campers. Rent a 4-wheel drive vehicle to take on the special routes throughout the area or take a specially planned itinerary to make the most out of shorter stays.

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