Visiting The Motherland: Tour Companies That Specialize In African-American Heritage Tours In Africa

Ever-increasing numbers of Americans of African descent are seeking to learn more about their ancestral heritage by taking trips to the motherland. This is especially true now that DNA testing is more widespread and cheaper than ever — such tests often allow people to find out exactly what region, sub-region and even tribe their forebears are likely to have come from. If this doesn’t pique your curiosity and make you want to book the next flight to Africa, then we don’t know what would!

It is of course possible to organize a trip on one’s own, but a better idea is to go with a tour company that specializes in such trips — especially if you are a first-time traveler to Africa and a bit intimidated by the prospect of visiting an unfamiliar (and often undeveloped) country.

Experienced guides, many of whom are trained historians and genealogists, can give invaluable context and commentary, and the tour company can make all the arrangements and ensure that backup plans are in place in case of a problem or missed connection.

Click here for a roundup of tour companies that specialize in heritage tours to Africa — and other places important to the African diaspora — from our partner African Diaspora Tourism.

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