15 Excellent Places To Go Water Skiing In South Africa

Though water skiing has been a popular activity around the world for decades, South Africa is not a place that most travelers consider prime territory for the sport. But they are wrong!! South Africa’s got thousands of miles of coast and hundreds of lakes, and where there’s water, there’s water skiing! If you’re a water skiing aficionado, consider these 15 locations in South Africa as you plan out your next adventure. 

Water Skiing

Water Skiing (Chantalduboisadam/Wikimedia Commons)

1. Benoni, Gauteng

Middle Dam is often sought out by fishermen in Gauteng, but the area also accommodates water skiing. A ski school is on site for beginners or skiiers seeking refresher courses. For an added thrill, try waterboarding.

Palmiet River

Palmiet River (Cazo3788/Wikimedia Commons)

2. Grabouw, Western Cape

Take on the tranquil waters of Palmiet River as you experience this beautiful destination on the Western Cape. Gear rental is available and well appointed accommodations are nearby for extended stays.

Vaal River

Vaal River (Kierano/Wikimedia Commons)

3. Vaal River, Northern Cape

Try barefoot skiing as you go along this exciting route in the Vaal River. A slalom course is on hand and experienced skiers can use rails for more advanced techniques.

Water Skiing

Water Skiing (Chantalduboisadam/Wikimedia Commons)

4. Lake Grappa, Northern Cape

Lake Grappa offers a wide range of activities including water skiing. This Northern Cape destination includes a jump ramp that gives skiers a burst of adrenaline along the standard course.

Water Skiing

Water Skiing (H2oskiep/Wikimedia Commons)

5. Glen Austin, Gauteng

The area is home to a special park designated just for water sports. Guests can take advantage of a cable system that pulls skiers instead of boats. Try wake skating for an alternative after you have completed one course.

Albert Falls Dam

Wikimedia Commons

6. Albert Falls Dam and Game Reserve, KwaZulu-Natal

About a two-hour drive from Durban is the beautiful Albert Falls Dam and Game Reserve. It’s the perfect place to go water skiing while spotting zebras from the water.

port elizabeth aerial


7. Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

Enjoy a day of water skiing along Hobie Beach in Port Elizabeth. The warm weather and generally calm waters present year round water sports options for every skill level. 

8. Tala Valley, Kwa-Zulu Natal

The Tala Valley is home to private farms, reserves and estates that offer a more private water skiing experience. One-on-one lessons are available, but travelers must make a reservation before their visit.

Water Skiing

Water Skiing (H2oskiep/Wikimedia Commons)

9. Oliphant River,Limpopo

Look no further than the Oliphant River for great water skiing experiences. The area also offers a jump ramp and rails for more intense routes. A slalom course is on hand for quick runs.

Limpopo River

Limpopo River (TSGT CARY HUMPHRIES/Wikimedia Commons)

10. Bela Bela, Limpopo

Cable ski along the special waters of the Limpopo River. The waters maintain a consistent temperature that encourages longer runs as well as easier navigation. Gear rentals are available or bring your own for added savings.

Water Skiing

Water Skiing (H2oskiep/Wikimedia Commons)

11. Moorreesburg, Western Cape

The twists and turns of the Great Berg River offer a special challenge that beginners as well as experienced skiers will enjoy. Visitors can reserve private sessions that make the most of their day.

Water Skiing

Water Skiing (H2oskiep/Wikimedia Commons)

12. Umtamvuna River, Kwa-Zulu Natal

Winding waterways provide a thrilling adventure for water skiers. Private resorts offer accommodations as well as restaurants for long terms stays, but single-day visitors can also take advantage of the special on-site activities.


Theewaterskloof (Danie van der Merwe/Flickr/Wikimedia Commons)

13. Theewaterskloof, Western Cape

Theewaterskloof Dam sits near the Western Cape of South Africa. Its pristine and quiet waters provide the perfect balance for water skiers of all skill levels. Local water sports organizations often participate in events at the site.

Water Skiing

Water Skiing (JGJ Lang/Wikimedia Commons)

14. Piketberg, Western Cape

Guest can take part in special runs at a private lake built in Piketberg. Its placement near the Piketberg Mountains provides beautiful views that complement the thrilling sport. Reservations are required, but it’s a great way to avoid over crowded areas.

Water Skiing

Water Skiing(dontworry/Wikimedia Commons)

15. Somerset West, Western Cape

A private lake sits near Gordon’s Bay in the Western Cape of South Africa. Groups as well as individual skiers can book private sessions in the constantly warm waters. Instructors are also available for lessons.

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