Travel Tip Of The Day: Budget Accommodation In Nairobi

While Kenya’s capital is increasingly building up upscale boutiques and business hotels, there are still some places where you canĀ find budget accommodation in Nairobi.

One of the cheapest options in the city is Wildebeest Eco Camp. It provides dorm rooms for a mere US$10 per night, or you can bring your own tent for only US$5-10 per night if you like to rough it.

Another bargain option is the Kenya Youth Hostel. You can get dorm beds (in shared rooms with a communal bathroom) for just US$6-10 per night.

For a bit more money (but still much cheaper than a hotel), the Bush House makes another bargain option with dorm beds for only US$12 and private rooms for US$25-40 per night.

There are a few other private hostel rooms around Nairobi, but they generally go for about $20-30 a night depending on the date.

And coming sometime this summer, Tune Hotels is opening up a 280-room hotel in the Westlands area of Nairobi.

While it isn’t on the price levels mentioned above, it will still be cheaper than most hotels in the area.

To read more about the opening, see our article here.

Again, these places won’t exactly pamper you, but if you’re on a budget they make for an awesome way to extend your stay in Nairobi.

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