Travel Tip Of The Day: Using Gadgets To Stay Healthy While Traveling

Staying healthy while traveling in Africa isn’t always the easiest thing to do — from riding around in safari vehicles, to chowing down on delicious food, the calories can add up.

Thankfully, there is a lot of new technology hitting the market that will help you keep track of how much you are moving.

Many travelers are opting to put on wearable fitness devices such as Fitbit or UP by Jawbone.

These devices track how many steps you do, and can even buzz your wrist to get you moving if you are lounging around in your hotel room. A charge on one of these lasts quite awhile also, usually around 10 days.

You can set these devices to do all kinds of stuff like track your sleep and make you wake up at the optimal time so you are recharged for a long day.

What’s more, they have a calorie counter that comes with the free smartphone app that will help you track all the food you’ve been nomming on.

If you don’t have one of these wearables, don’t worry — many smartphones now have built in monitoring as well that you can track with apps like MapMyRun or RunKeeper.

Both of these apps sync with GPS and help to figure out how many calories you’ve burned based on how far you’ve moved.

You can also share how buff you are on social media networks — while not quite as cool as Instagram, it’s still pretty fun.

Just remember if you have your GPS running all the time, you can also drain the battery pretty quickly, plus you always have to carry it around if you are doing something strenuous — hence why many people are opting for the wearable bracelets.

Whichever technology you choose, adding one of these devices is sure to help you keep a better eye on your health while traveling.

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